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Top 10 cam sex fetishes

If you have a sexual kink or fetish, you may believe that you’re different than most people, but the truth is that most people have a kink or fetish, so you shouldn’t feel so ostracized about getting turned on by something more than vanilla. 

If you’re not sure how to explore a fetish or sexual kink, a good solution is live cam sex. Cam models offer fetish exploration, and you can easily find a gorgeous cam model to give you support and have a sexual adventure with you online. 

The top ten cam sex fetishes may be slightly surprising to you, with other elements being somewhat ordinary. The ten fetishes that are most popular with live sex shows include foot fetishes, BDSM, group sex fetish, anal/ass play fetish, rape sexual role-play, cosplay, squirting, boobs, stockings/ high heels, and panties. 

You can read on why cam models offer exploration of these fetishes/kinks in their live sex shows and more about the top ten fetishes cam models express during their performances. 

Why do cam girls offer fetishes? 

There are several reasons why cam girls offer varied fetishes and kinks in their live sex performances. The popular fetishes may target group shows or one-on-one private cam experiences. 

One of the main reasons why cam models offer these kinds of sexual voyages include those sexual fetishes that are often sought out in the online spectrum, and there is a steady increase in requests of this nature. 

Another reason is that fetishes are fun. Things can get stale, and when you try something unique or cater to someone’s specific interest’s cam models shake things up and keep it exciting and entertaining for themselves to continue to put on live sex shows. 

Also, there are many fetishes to choose from and explore. This gives cam models to explore what may turn them on. By trying new things and keeping a non-judgmental attitude, cam models can explore any fetish or kink that interests them and keeps their attention. 

Another reason why cam girls are willing to experience fetishes during sex shows is because they are more likely to earn more money from patrons that way. Because sexual fetishes are high in demand, wages rise too. Typically, cam girls who offer fetish and kink services charge extra for this kind of sexual play. 

1. Foot Fetish

Foot fetish is the most common sexual fetish, and many cam models will show off their legs, feet, and toes and get paid plenty of money to do so. Some people with this sexual fetish may like stinky feet. In comparison, other feet enthusiasts enjoy pedicured toes, foot jobs, licking feet, sucking toes, and more. 

Cam models who put on foot fetish live sex shows have increased confidence levels because when someone adores feet for what they are, even if imperfect.


BDSM is an umbrella abbreviation for varied fetishes that often have different degrees of control. It stands for bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, and sadochism and masochism. It has gotten popularized through various forms of entertainment. You can discover a lot about yourself by experiencing live sex shows of a BDSM nature. 

The next time you’re looking for something sexually new to explore, ask a cam model to entertain you with sexual elements of BDSM. If you’re not sure where to start, a conversation or a cam-to-cam experience with a webcam model may help you explore and learn about what turns you on. 

3. Group sex fetish 

Group sex is sex with more than two people involved. And millions of people have this fetish. Whether you want to explore a threesome, foursome, orgy, or more, you can watch multiple people get it on with each other if it pleases you in live full HD sex performances. 

There are many ways to explore this fetish with cam models, and many cam girls are ready to help you explore your turn-ons. It’s common for couples to spice up their sexual experiences to turn to group sex. It often brings couples together in better intimacy and more trust. 

4. Anal / ass play 

Anal sex/ ass play has always had some pull and popularity. It’s extra fun to watch, and cam models do all kinds of ass play, including masturbating with toys, gaping, anal sex, and more. Anal sex is taboo in many parts of the world, and there is an increase in sexual anal fantasies. Mainstream media has led the conversation about anal sex, influencing many to experiment. 

Also, if you’re a fan of butts, cam models have the perfect ass. Whether you like big butts, tiny behinds, round, heart-shaped, or flat butts, you can find exactly what you like in live sex performances. 

5. Rape role-play

Rape role-playing scenarios and exploration are more common than you may think. Plenty of men and women fantasize about rape. It’s important to understand that role-play is consensual and, in fact, not rape. Both people involved should be okay with this kind of play, and cam girls worldwide have taken this fetish and made it possible for people interested in this sexual exploration. 

One of the reasons this sexual fetish is so popular is that it’s exceptionally taboo and makes rape role-play desirable. 

6. Cosplay 

Cosplay is a quick way to say costume play. This sexual fetish involves dressing up as your favorite character in a book, cartoon, actor, actress in a movie, or anybody you want to behave like. The costume is a part of role-playing as when you dress up as a character, and people tend to act as the role more so. Cosplay is a way to express your fantasies and desires and praise the part. 

Sexual cosplay via the internet through live sex shows can be fun to experience your favorite characters erotically. Many cam models enjoy cosplay, and if this interests you, request as cam girls will likely indulge in your sexual inclinations. 

7. Squirting fetish 

Squirting or female ejaculation is when a woman releases fluid right before orgasm. This happens when the G-spot is rubbed gently and continuously for a period. Squirting is not peeing, and sometimes they can be confused. The women who can squirt have said that it feels like they may have to urinate, and squirting fluid comes out instead when they push out. 

This is a popular fetish because it looks like the woman is in total pleasure letting go of all cares as they release and cum. Also, because many women may not have explored enough to figure out how to squirt, many men are fascinated by it. 

8. Boobs

If you’re a boob man, you’ll understand why they are a fetish to many people. Boobs come in varied shapes and sizes, and no matter your preferences for size, shape, the various areolas, floppy, or perky tits, you can find a cam model that has the perfect tits you enjoy. Whether you want to look at tits or want to rub your cock in-between them, cam girls will go out of their way to make you aroused and use their tits as a tool to do so. 

9. Stockings/ high heels 

Stockings and high heels come together to create a sexy look on every woman. Some men genuinely love the way high heels accentuate the ankles and enjoy checking out their feet inside a pair of tall heels. Some guys get hard from the sight of stockings and high heels together. At the same time, other men may get aroused from either stockings or high heels. Stockings and high heels matched with a short skirt or cute dress may be the winning ticket for you to want to imagine ripping all the clothes off the cam girl and having your way with her. 

10. Panties 

Panties are sexy, and while some people may enjoy smelling them, others may like the texture or appearance of panties. There are many kinds of panties available for cam models to show off, take off, put in their mouth, and even rub against the camera, object, or even rub over their pussies until they cum. 

The fascination with panties shouldn’t be too much of a shocker to anyone. Even some women have a fetish for rubbing their cunts over their panties until they orgasm. In that situation where a cam girl has a panties fetish, and a patron also has that fetish, both people win. 

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